Retail Banking


Parkway Target Savings Account

This product is designed to encourage convenient and regular savings (in line with customer's cash inflow - daily, weekly or monthly and the proposed goal) with very competitive interest payment. The product is highly can be accessed by people of all sorts to save towards a particular purchase/event's target.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Flexible saving plan for client's convenience
  • One day extra contribution for a 60- day consistent savings without withdrawal.
  • Regular savings account interest applicable



Parkway Excel Savings Account.

This is a hybrid account with features of both the savings and current account. it is a savings accounts which accrues interest, while the customer has un restricted access to their account balance. The goal is to meet the yearnings of our target market for a savings account that allows third party withdrawals at a minimal cost.

Features and Benefits:-

  • Opening balance of =N= 1,000
  • Zero COT.
  • Unlimited withdrawals.
  • Attracts a service charge of =N=250 monthly
  • Customer makes use of non clearing Cheques.
  • Third party withdrawals.


Apprentice Future Plan Account 

The account enables people under training in various vocational jobs (tailors, welders, hairdressers etc) to cultivate a savings habit. Upon graduation the saving account holder can readily access mezzanine funding to jumpstart their own businesses. This could be applied to either buy equipments or as a back up micro working capital loan to purchase raw materials to commence such trading concern.



Parkway Asset Acquisition scheme 

This product is designed to enable customers acquire working assets such as generators, machines, equipment and also personal and household items which require comparatively large initial cash outlays with repayment spread over an agreed period.

Features and Benefits:-

  • Flexible and easy repayment plan
  • Easy access to assets that will add quality to the client's way of life
  • Also increase business profitability