Business Development Banking


Parkway Drop and Draw

This product is a modified contributory scheme structured to provide convenient and quick access to bulk working capital for our customers that generate daily cash inflows (traders, artisans and other daily income earners). Based on the customers average daily sales, the customer is required to lodge this amount on a daily basis for ten consecutive days upon which the customer is availed a credit facility of thrice the deposited sum, while the customer continues to pay on a daily basis till the facility is fully liquidated under a 30 day-revolving arrangement.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Access to bulk working capital.
  • The business volumes (as measured by daily sales lodgment) determines the borrowing capacity
  • Generates regular cash inflow that allows for business growth and expansion
  • It is a modified daily contribution scheme
  • Low cost of financing and convenient repayment plan
  • No additional security required



Parkway Instant Cash

Parkway Instant cash is a convenient and fast way of accessing immediate cash to meet urgent short term needs and immediate goals. It is designed for customers with ascertainable expected cash flow.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Convenient access to cash within 72 hrs
  • Flexible repayment plan
  • Competitive interest rate\


Women Entrepreneurial Development Scheme 

Apart from women who dominate the low end actively engaged populace (traders, artisans, retailers); a new category of women entrepreneur is emerging from the educated working class. This category are generally engaged in businesses such as events planning, school proprietorship, horticulture, body care shops, Supermarket, movie Marketing /Rentals, Jewelry Sellers, Restaurant etc.

These businesses are managed by well educated women with corporate experience, as such usually with improved structure, accountability and huge growth potential. The contribution of these women is not only in operating economically viable businesses, but are also major contributors to the reduction in the unemployment rates in the country. 

It is in view of this growing category of customers that Parkway set up a dedicated unit and scheme to harness their undoubted entrepreneurial skills to grow their businesses in a socially responsible manner. Hence, rather than the plain vanilla finance, we have instituted Custom-made, cradle to crest consulting and financing solution for this category of entrepreneurs. This also includes formulating and implementing action plans that will assist our clients to build up and grow as going concern in future.




In order to further make account operation (lodgments and withdrawals) convenient for our customers, we have established correspondent banking relations with FCMB, GTBANK and BANKPHB. Therefore all our customers can make lodgment to their accounts with us through dedicated accounts at branches of these correspondent banks and current account holders can also withdraw at any of their branches.